Village Classes

In Bali, the key ingredients to providing a living for oneself and a future family are…. getting a basic education and the ability to converse in English with confidence. AHFC is committed to assist the children of poor families to raise above the dictates of the Hindu caste system and to come along side of them and assist them in making life choices.

It’s mostly the girls that are severely constrained by Balinese tradition. Lacking in self worth and feeling undeserving of a better life, they are raised to marry early and become a mother and the helper and care giver to her husband’s mother and all in her mother-in-laws household. In keeping with the dictates of the Hindu religions, the husband may take additional wife’s. In time forcing the older wife out of the household… leaving her to fend for herself. Sadly, some of the abandoned older women we support in our widows ministry are the victims of this practice.

The elementary and Jr. High school students are thrilled to have Tati and our volunteers visit once a week at 2 outdoor locations in their rural village neighborhoods for English lessons. The students also have the opportunity for organized games, drawing pictures and life lessons instruction as Tati retells her stories of growing up in poverty in a nearby village and becoming a Christian and now a teacher, friend, mother and mentor to over 60 children.