Michaels Home

Established in 2018 in memory of Michael James Gentzkow, Michael’s Home is located in the foothills west of Singaraja on Bali Island, Indonesia.  Michael’s Home is AHFC’s home base where we care for orphaned, abused or abandoned children, as well as children from extremely poor families living in remote villages who are unable to provide food and education for their children.  There are currently 14 resident children plus 10 other impoverished children who stay with us on weekends and holidays. 

At Michael’s Home we provide shelter, food, clothing, medical care, safety, and love— which includes caring attention, encouragement, education, prayer, guidance and a feeling of belonging that many of the children have never experienced before. 

In the local community we supply food, formula, milk, clothes and medical attention to babies and toddlers. We also rent single room apartments for two abandoned mothers who each have two young children. These mothers help us care for our children on weekends and holidays. We also help care for extremely impoverished widows and abandoned older women.

Education is an extremely high priority and the most practical pathway out of poverty. All our school-aged children regularly attend classes at seven different schools, 11 months/year, 6 days/week. During the Covid 19 pandemic they have been attending “virtual classes” while receiving and returning daily assignments through cell phones and PC’s.  


The younger children see the educational successes of their Michael’s Home brothers and sisters who received help to overcome poverty and realize their goals, including university educations and careers. Thus, they come to believe that they, too, are worthy and capable of dreaming big dreams and achieving success through hard work and education.