Home Base


A Heart for Children’s Home Base family facility, ” Michael’s Home”, consists of 12 children…. plus 9 more children that we help support, who often stay with us during the day, on weekends and on holidays. Most of the children we care for come from extremely poor Hindu families. Some of our children had been living  with a relative or family friend who is either poor or is reluctantly giving child care. In both of these instances, the children’s former care givers welcome the needed assistance and the hospitality we offer. At Michaels Home, we provide nourishing food, needed clothes and love….which includes; attention, encouragement, guidance and a feeling of belonging that many of the children have never witnessed before

There are no social welfare programs in this 3rd World Country. Our Home Base Ministry supports young children who are at risk and living in extraordinarily difficult circumstances. We supply food, formula and milk as well as medical attention and clothes to new babies and 2-3 yr olds. We also rent single room apartments ($30 a month ea.) for 2 abandoned mothers who each have 2 children. These mothers assist us on weekends and holidays with our extra children.

Changing attitudes about gender roles and questioning tradition are some of the discussion topics of our after school and weekend study programs for students from elementary school thru the University level. By establishing relationships with the kiddo’s…. allowing them to spend time visiting our household and meeting in informal groups…..provides an excellent opportunity for us to plant the seeds of a culture they are unfamiliar with and expose our Christian values to these Hindu and Muslim students.