After witnessing how difficult life is here in the surrounding rural villages of Bali for senior abandoned wives and widowed women, we began helping an older Hindu widow buy food, medicine and personal care items. That simple random act of kindness in 2012 infected our conscious so greatly that it has now become a ministry of AHFC, supporting 21 widows to date.

Our widows funding consists of at least 2 visits a month. The widows receive enough funds for at least 1 meal a day.. dry rice and fruit for some.. money for medication… funds for meal preparers and sanitation helpers for those needing assistance. Tati has arranged these procedures for all the widows and operates them smoothly and gracefully.

A Heart For Children follows our basic principal that 100% of all donations goes to support the children we care for. If you are willing to help our Widow’s Ministry, please make a comment on your check or with your PayPal donation as to how much of your contribution will be for the widows.

Many of the women we help cry openly when they receive our support. Tati tells the widows that we represent caring people in the USA who want to show God’s love to them by sharing some of what they have.

It’s a joy to be able to make life a little easier for these lovely ladies in their declining years and they are so humbly grateful.